Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A cure for Invisible Biting Bugs on the skin

I have been through hell and back literally and once again feel alive again thank god. I was experiencing the same exact problem alot of people are "Invisible Biting bugs on my skin" for a few weeks now and I will start from the beginning to let you know my story. A few weeks ago I started to feel these "bugs" crawling and biting me and they were invisible to the naked eye but found myself constantly scratching and being bit. It got worse by the day and was to a point unbearable. There are 5 people in my household but only me, my fiance and daughter were experiencing these invisible biting "bugs" but my 2 sons were not. I thought we had bedbugs and scabies and took precautions to get treatment for both including my sons to make sure they weren't exposed to anything. Me, my fiance and daughter were constantly experiencing the same thing after the treatment but my boys did not. It didn't make sense to me. The doctors give you no direction because you don't have any evidence to show them and the exterminators can't find anything in the house so we were left on our own. I honestly was losing my sanity and was scared out of my mind that what ever it was that was constantly biting
us will never go away because we don't know what it is to get rid of it.

I started to research online and realize that this is a common researched issue that exists but no one has answers. I was getting very discouraged after reading all these posts with no conclusion. Scared out of my mind that this was going to go on for the rest of my life. It got so bad that I was becoming delusional and seeing black spots in random places. I am not sure if that was due to lack of sleep because as you know it is hard to sleep when you are constantly being attacked by invisible biting bugs. I read some home treatments that I found to not really be useful. The one that did relieve me a little was putting a little bleach in my bath water. After my relentless online research, as now that seemed to be my only source for information I came across an article that talked about fungus spores. This was not even close to what I was researching but read it anyways. It lead me further into researching into "MOLD SPORES". I had no clue about them and read all about them. I was experiencing the same exact symptoms (crawling biting invisible bugs all day and night) that most of these people are searching online for. The problem is people are not researching the right information. I know because for the last week I was looking up "Invisible Biting bugs or parasites on my skin" and that led me nowhere.

Anyways, after reading what mold spores are, they symptoms are  the same exact thing as what I was experiencing. House plants, cold water vaporizers, humidifiers, and dirty air vents can be sources of airborne mold spores, mildews, and bacteria that could cause skin reactions that feel like invisible bugs biting on your skin consistently. I went home and for some reason decided to check my humidifier that is on every night in my room that me my fiance and daughter share. What do you know, it was infested with mold (like 3 inches thick). We didn't know about changing the filters so we have this humidifier on every night from bedtime until we wake up blowing these bacterial mold spores on us infested us and our room. It can also be in your air conditioner which was my next filter that I changed that had mold but not as bad or in your house (water leak). It all made sense now! My boys were not exposed to my room so they didn't have any symptoms but we did because it was directly on us through the night and only
building and getting worse (I now feel like I have respiratory problems due to this and only time will tell with my daughter). The scabies treatment didn't work because we were exposed to this mold all the time. So I removed the humidifier and bleached down my room (immediately upon bleaching down
my bed they exploding onto my body like they were clinging for dear life. Bleach kills the suckers) and then took a bath with a little bleach and washed my body with a dandruff shampoo. I felt so cleansed and slept like a baby. It was the first time that I had relief and realized there was an end to this craziness that no one seems to know anything about. I read about dust mites, bird mites, skin parasites and researched relentlessly.

Once I realized how many people are going through this with no direction and are as desperate as we were, I wanted to get my story out there for people that might not be looking in the direction of mold spores as that is not what I was looking for and to know that their is an end you just have to know what to look for. It was kind of a mistake (I swear god popped that article on my screen as I was looking up invisible biting bugs). I see these people that are talking suicide and losing their jobs and can't function with life because of this. Then you get these damn idiots that write a story and try to sell you some gimmick crap! They know these people are desperate! Alot of people are wasting thousands of dollars because they are so desperate to get rid of something that is not there. I spent about $400 on insecticides, bedbug bedding and scabies treatment for nothing. Thank god I didn't get the exterminator in my house. The day after we were going to spend over thousand dollars on exterminating my house for nothing. I pray this reaches someone and can help them before they loose their mind like I almost did. I am not saying this will solve every ones invisible biting bugs issue but it did for me and I believe it will for many that are just misinformed on what they are researching. Read some of the websites below that can be helpful.Good luck and god bless! ......Debra